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SaaS Now Revolutionizes the Channel

Originally published on SaaS fundamentally changes the products, services and relationships between SaaS vendors and their customers. Likewise, SaaS changes the role and value added by the SaaS channel partner. Channel partners will need to work differently and more strategically than in the past. Read More

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Choosing between HTML5 and Native Mobile Apps

The majority of SaaS vendors will provide both a desktop and mobile application.  While HTML5 is rapidly become de rigor on desktop, its use on mobile platforms is situational based on the application requirements.  According to Flurry (April 2013), only 20% of the activity on Read More

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Don’t be a Customer Lifetime Value Simpleton

Customer Lifetime Value or CLV (aka CLTV or LTV) is an essential SaaS metric for quantifying the present predicted value of a revenue stream from a customer.  Understanding the Customer Lifetime Value is crucial for understanding how much is prudent to spending on customer acquisition. Read More

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SaaS Revenue Models Win in the Long Run

The SaaS subscription business model trades high upfront (license) payments for a greater Customer Lifetime Value.  This increases the SaaS vendors overall value resulting company valuations over twice those of Licensed Software companies of the same revenue (Software Equity Group 2013). The transition from Licensed Software Read More

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Requirements for Enterprise SaaS Applications

Building SaaS Programs Meeting the Enterprise’s Cloud Strategy These SaaS requirements vary by industry, by application type, and by geography. The savvy SaaS vendor will proactively addresses the requirements that will remove many of the barriers that are hindering the adoption of SaaS in the Read More

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Marketing Automation + Customer Engagement Management Drives SaaS Revenue

SaaS success requires acquiring new customers, growing their account revenue, and retaining these customers – nailing these three areas leads to strong growth in a SaaS company’s reoccurring revenue.  The tools provided by Marketing Automation and Customer Engagement Analytics software are essential to driving the Read More

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A Judicious Plan for SMBs Moving to the Cloud

The destruction done by Hurricane Sandy is another reminder of the vulnerability of maintaining an on-premise system.  Businesses that had been running their business “from the cloud” didn’t experience the downtime and potential data loss of those with on-premise IT. While most SMBs (Small to Medium Businesses Read More

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Maximizing Revenue for SaaS Companies is more than Customer Acquisition

The primary financial goal of SaaS companies is Profitable Growth.  That requires retaining existing customers and adding new sources of their SaaS revenue while keeping costs down.  The focus of revenue generation is often placed on new customer acquisition, but to maximize revenue, the focus Read More

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The Bad News and Good News of the Cloud Transition for Software Vendors’ Partners

The Bad News Cloud Computing is just the latest computing model fostering the creative destruction of the prior dominant computing model:  Mainframes to Mini Computers, Mini Computers to Local Area Networks, Local Area Networks to Client Server, Client Server to On-premises Browser Based, On-premises Browser Read More

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Software Development for SaaS is Different

Software development is different for SaaS companies.  Product cycles are shorter, sustaining costs are dramatically reduced, and the technology used must be more current.  Existing software companies with development staff more comfortable with client/server than modern web technology may need to assist their development personnel Read More

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