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SaaS Strategies for Software Companies

SaaS Strategies for Software Companies

This opening post will disappear once you post your first post.

Welcome to your new Wix blog!


Now you can attach a blog to your Wix site! Blogging is easy and fun, and as a bonus greatly improves your online visibility by increasing your presence across major search engines. In the meantime- let’s go over some tips to get you started:




Personalizing your blog

Before you start posting, you will want to make your blog look and feel a little more you. We have a selection of templates to choose from, but the fun does not end there. You can edit your blog simply by clicking on any element of the page once you are in the Design and Settings mode. Change the background. Add a picture and tile it… or don’t. The choice is up to you. Go crazy!




Design and Settings

You can change the layout and design of your blog at any time. To make design and layout changes to your blog, simply click Design and settings on the top menu of this page.


Now you can drag and drop elements. Click on the different items on your blog to open a property menu for that item. Click an element from the property menu to customize that element.

Don’t forget to click Save to make your changes appear on your blog!





Posting to your blog

Adding posts to your blog is as simple as clicking on Add new post from the top menu of this page. In the Add
new post window, edit the title and body and click Publish to create a new post.


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For more help and answers to all of your questions, click here.




Connecting your Wix site to your blog


To connect your Wix site to your blog, simply go into your Wix editor, go to Blog on the left toolbar and click Open Blog. A blog button is added to your site. Drag and drop the button onto your Wix site and visitors who visit your site will be able to access your blog by clicking on it.



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